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Best Type Of Microphone For Videography?

Have you ever wondered what the best type of microphone is for shooting YouTube videos? You may notice that I have omitted the most popular type of video mic, the Rode videomic series....for me these (whilst very good) are best for recording audio whilst on the go (a la Casey Neistat style). This video is more aimed at microphones for indoor shooting (a la my style) hope you enjoy :)

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Travel Videography Tips

Here are my best tips for going travelling with your video gear. My focus for this video was minimising size/weight, maximising convenience and making sure your gear is secure. I hope you find the tips helpful!

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Must have third party plugins for Final Cut

Here are, in my opinion, some the best third party plugins for Final Cut. I absolutely love editing with Final Cut, it's so fast in use but often is missing some the essential function you might want. Luckily there are loads of fantastic options to fill these gaps. Links... Karl Pilkington T-Shirt - (US) X and Slice X - Smoother 2 - Flare - Video - (unfortunately no longer free 🤷🏻‍♂️) - - Balance 2 -

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